Corporate Responsibility


For many centuries, Africa’s resources were plundered, with little ploughed back into local community development. This has left a legacy of disadvantaged individuals with a serious lack of resources and entrepreneurial skills.


As a financial service provider, we believe we have a fundamental responsibility to assist in community development and philanthropic ventures in Africa. To this aim, DESTINE partners with several communities and individuals to uplift the morale of the people in Africa.


Community Development

DESTINE works to advance community development through the following sub-categories:

  • Strengthening financial capacity in disadvantaged individuals through cooperative investment plans. In doing so, we help them grow their savings, improve their credit ratings and improve their financial security.

  • Providing structured entrepreneurial programs for youth and adults so that they can better compete in the African market. We want to empower these entrepreneurs to take their business ideas from inception to maturity.

  • We identify and help help worthy non-profits and charities through grants and gifts.


DESTINE is also involved with several philanthropic initiatives, including orphanages, safe houses, feeding programs, assisted living for the elderly, and other humanitarian aid projects.


Environmental Responsibility

Besides our commitment to develop and strengthen communities in Africa, we also have a responsibility towards environmental sustainability. We are involved in the following environmental responsibility initiatives:

  • Developing renewable energy programs in disadvantaged communities.

  • Providing good potable water in rural areas.

  • Promoting specific environmental projects such as Waste-to-Power.


Since corporate responsibility forms the foundation of the vision and mission of DESTINE Asset Management, a significant portion of our shareholding is held by the Infinite Grace Foundation.