Asset Classes

Our broad spectrum of investment solutions are tailored to help investors achieve real returns on diversified portfolios spanning from real estate to equity, long term and short term debt, and hedge funds.

DESTINE has a unique approach to the kinds of market segments in which we invest. We want to encourage our clients to invest in market segments that they know and trust.

In partnership with our network of financial advisors and international asset managers, we provide investment opportunities in the following asset classes:

  • Commodity trading

  • Mining

  • Information Technology

  • Infrastructure & Property Development

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Healthcare

  • Education

We provide holistic financial services for each asset class and can help our clients obtain financing, manage funds and find the right investment strategy for their needs.

Asset Class Offerings

Commodity Trading

DESTINE is currently involved as financial manager and paymaster of trading in the following commodities:

  • Precious Metals (Palladium, Gold & Silver)
  • Other Metals (Copper, Chrome)
  • Diamonds
  • Coffee & Herbal Tea
  • Mineral Water
  • Petroleum Products & Natural Gas


We provide all our standard services to the mining industry, including the management of capital, treasury, money management, as well as sourcing funding for investment expansion initiatives for new technology. We envisage that this sector will grow exponentially in the near future.

Information Technology

We see the IT industry as a good investment opportunity. We will provide expanded mobile banking services in conjunction with commercial banks through our upcoming DESTINE Mobile Money app. This will provide users access to other financial tools and the latest business management software over a mobile network. The app will also allow for the distribution of digital newsletters and other communication.

Infrastructure & Property Development

We will soon launch the DESTINE Property Fund, which is a start-up fund for property development and acquisition opportunities. This property fund will unlock value by insuring maximum efficiency in capital utilisation and asset management. We have identified several excellent investment opportunities in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Gauteng and Limpopo Province.

The DESTINE Energy Fund will play a huge role in renewable energy development and trading in Africa.


Media & Entertainment

Besides providing our standard services to the media and entertainment industry, we also have investment opportunities available in television broadcasting, radio broadcasting, and advertising for radio en television. We also provide major investment opportunities in the burgeoning African movie production business.


We provide asset management solutions and specialised financial services to the medical profession. This allows healthcare professionals such as doctors, physicians and technicians to focus on their patients—safe in the knowledge that their wealth and assets are managed properly. We can assist in obtaining funding for ventures in the healthcare field, investment advice and investment management.


We can assist in the management of school, college and university funds as well as provide all of our standard services to the education sector. Currently, there are several investment opportunities available in private schools, private training colleges, technical colleges, and online training platforms in various African countries.