Investment Approach

DESTINE is strategically positioned to assist investors and product owners alike in providing good, transparent and trustworthy service.

We have our clients’ best interests at heart, so we take time and effort to individualise each investment portfolio. We respect their freedom of choice in managing their investment portfolio by offering a creative approach to investments.

Our clients are able to choose in which market segments they want to invest—whether property, precious metals, money markets or other specific sectors of the economy.

DESTINE provides outcome-based investment planning, which will allow our clients to:

  • Benefit from industry specialist knowledge and independent investment teams;

  • Invest by capitalising into any of our asset classes;

  • Choose from a broad range of solutions to meet their specific objectives; and

  • Draw on the expertise of a network of asset managers.

For the sake of financial compliance, our clients are well-informed about the risk profile associated with different investment portfolios. In this way, they are well able to make informed decisions.

We follow a double-tier risk mitigation process ensuring the protection of our clients’ money. That is why we favour broad-based, distributed investment profiles with a focus on tangible assets such as property, commodities and precious metals. These investment classes have proven to provide consistent growth over many years.

Business Principles

We follow a three-tiered approach in fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility. Every investment is initially deposited in a specially created trust account, which is managed by a credit committee. We have industry specialists forming part of DESTINE’s management team that evaluate every project, program and investment opportunity.

These proposals are then submitted to an external trust management company that will reevaluate whether all our fiduciary and risk mitigation requirements have been met. Their recommendations are then re-evaluated by the DESTINE team, before the final investment decision is made.

This three-step process ensures that we make the right investment decisions and fulfil all our fiduciary responsibilities.