Our Focus


Focus on Individual Investors

DESTINE aims to provide financial services for clients from all spheres of society and backgrounds. We want to offer financial services that are affordable and welcoming to the man on the street.

We believe the individual investor market is not adequately serviced by the current asset management offerings. That is why we encourage investment and saving plans for all income groups. No investment is too big or too small.

In order to achieve this objective, we offer several cooperative investment plans that are used to fund entrepreneurial initiatives. We want to empower entrepreneurs to take their business ideas from inception to maturity.

We want to become business-incubators where entrepreneurs can bring their business ideas to be evaluated and funded. In this way, we can encourage and assist them to become good managers of their estate and to invest forward.


Focus on Africa

DESTINE wants to participate in changing the perception that Africa is a high-risk investment continent by unlocking her vast, untapped resources.

One of the biggest challenges in Africa is the management of money because of a sad history of corruption and bad management. This has caused a very bad perception of doing business in Africa.

The answer to this situation is good stewardship of Africa’s resources and a culture of accountability. We want to stimulate economic growth through responsible and ethical asset management. This is also why we emphasise managerial training programs and entrepreneurial skills development.


Focus on Humanitarian Funds

While we offer asset management services to a wide spectrum of clients, we specialise in managing humanitarian and social development funds. We believe the world is currently experiencing unusual challenges, which requires special care in managing the provision of basic needs.

As a financial services provider, we have a strong sense of responsibility towards community development programs. To this aim, we have identified a number of humanitarian and social development projects in Africa in which to invest. We are also dedicated to donating a sizeable portion of our profits back into community development.