Products and Services


DESTINE offers the following products and services:


  • Investment Banking & Management
  • Development Fund Management
  • Paymaster


Investment Banking & Management

We support corporations, institutions, governments and banks with strategic advice, raising of investment and loan funding, risk management and investment solutions.

We also facilitate merger and acquisition transactions by providing strategic advice, assisting in raising capital and helping to manage risk. We manage the liquidity of the company during the M&A process. This ensures that they have enough cashflow to complete the transaction, perform the merger, and can grow once the merger is realised.


Development Fund Management

We support developers and funders in the management of project funding. This reduces some of the pressures caused by the complexities of project development and allows them to focus on the implementation. It also provides peace of mind to the funders, since we aim to mitigate a project’s risk through efficient financial management.



As paymasters we offer the following solutions:


  • Connectivity. We connect merchants with each other, with traders and other third parties.

  • Processing. We support transactions through all stages up to settlement. We perform the transaction processing both on the seller and the buyer’s side. This is to ensure that no funds are released until all the necessary criteria are met.

  • Security. We validate that the right people get the right money at the right time. We ensure that the correct procedures are followed and that fraud is prevented. We confirm that money is paid from the right accounts, into the right accounts.

  • Insights. We provide information to our clients that will help them understand their business or trading transaction. We optimise and standardise information in trading.

  • Payment Solutions. We navigate the complexities of trading.